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A Letter to Marius [14 Dec 2008|02:34am]
[ mood | flirty ]

My dearest Morikanu-san,

If you are reading this, then I am probably gone by now. A double agent has betrayed me and has been tracking down my movements and secret hiding places. I am leaving you these items (as according to my will) including but not limited to:

-the Little Mermaid pen...(because Ariel loves you. Her purple feather-like material is longing for your touch and she wants to be lit up)
-Gossip Girl Season One DVD (self-explanatory, we both know why)
-my cellphone which you called 'cool' (although it is old) because it is secretly a stalking tool if you put in a passcode
-our 'matching' hot pink miniskirts (I'm sorry I did not live to be matching twins with you to show off our sexy legs for twin day as we both promised earlier)
-my Winnie the Pooh plushie (it needs constant attention)
-white chocolate kisses (because you gave some to me before and I felt guilty for not having to give you anything in return)
-my Japanese-English dictionary (so you can prepare to become a geisha)
-all my 360 games (to cure your boredom)
-my sketch book (it has random sketches/doodles/pieces of writing/songs I've written...I don't know what you'd do with this but some of my sketches of you are found here)
-firecrackers (in case you want to set it off at Bronx Science)

Keep yourself safe, follow a transcendental path, and protect your identity (always use protection in the real world!!!). They may be tracking you down as well. Lastly, always remember: "peace, love, and jizz."

Love from your former partner-in-crime,

P.S. If you do get killed, I am held hostage under the depths of Tartarus in the Underworld. So you can either relinquish or join me there.

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Dream [26 Aug 2008|08:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I just woke up a few minutes ago from a very memorable dream....

I was somewhere unfamiliar. A mansion as I see it. One side was purely ivory white, while the other half was completely shiny obsidian black. I barged in and searched for an oasis after I had just gone through an intricate maze of staircases connecting to various doors in the middle of the mansion's lobby. I claimed one of the doors as my own. Inside was a whole different world. It was as if I had just been transported. I was standing on a field of grass in an unknown city. The room itself was no longer there. In its place overlooked a landscape of a not-so-familiar skyline. Around me in the field of grass was where thousands of people placed their attention at something I could not see. I slowly walked through the mass of people and found it easy due to the fact of my height and petite stature. As I arrived near the front, I saw a banner that stated, "Welcome to London, Michael Phelps!"

But Michael Phelps was obviously nowhere in sight. The mass of people gathered here had been waiting for probably a long time, I thought. The place eventually lost my interest. I trace my footsteps back to where I first stood. I longed to be back to the half ivory half obsidian mansion. Once I was standing to where I first stood, a door magically appeared in front of me. I took a deep breath and turned the knob hoping to exit this world.

As I expected, I was back inside the mansion. The intricate maze of staircases was in front of me once again. This time, I chose a different door, wondering where it will lead me to. To my disappointment, it was just a regular bedroom, but peaceful nonetheless. It had an air of familiarity to it. The walls were white and the floor was carpeted beige. The dressers and the bed were also white. I wondered if I was near the ivory side of the house. I walked to window in the south corner to view the outside. Then I heard someone sigh.

My eyes widened and my hands started to sweat. I could hear my pounding heartbeat thud as I fiddle with my fingers. A million thoughts ran through my head. Was I being followed? Who else could be in this room! I had not seen anyone around this mansion when I came! I stood rigid as ever, looking at a particular tree in the backyard.

"Hey," said a familiar masculine voice. "What brings you to my room?"

I stammered to apologize in reply, keeping my back to him. "I...I...I'm sorry...I know I shouldn't be here..."

"Oh no, it's okay," he casually said in return.

I turned around and could not hide my surprise to an all too familiar face. My mouth formed the words I wanted to say, but no words came out.

He laughed. His laughter was a genuine laugh. A beautiful sounding laugh. Even more beautiful was his smile. The way his lips widened. The way his eyes squinted. The way it allowed for happiness to blend in his long face. The way he just simply sat on his bed with his arms stretched out to support him. Michael Phelps entranced me, and I could not believe that I stood across him, in his room. I felt butterflies in my stomach. Here, in front of me, sat the greatest Olympian of all time, laughing at me.

"Aww, don't be shy. Come sit here. I was just shocked that someone got in here. And your reaction...wow!"

I overcame my moment of silence and stepped across to sit beside him on his purely white-sheeted bed. "Are you sure you don't want me to leave?"

"Nah, you don't seem to be a 'Phelps Phan,' one of those crazyheaded fangirls who'd scream wildly upon seeing me."

"Oh no...I don't obsess! I just enjoy watching you and admire you. Don't get me wrong, I'm still surprised that I'm actually talking to you face to face!"

From there, we conversed to what felt like hours. He explained that he recently just got back from London to meet thousands of people and to talk about his Olympic experience. I told him that I was there earlier, when the people were waiting for him. But that I left before he showed up. Ironically, the place I went to was his house. Then we talked about our philosophies in life, his plans now that he attained his Olympic dream, my future plans, our likes and dislikes, our family, how we want people to view us, and all kinds of topics. I felt like I've known him forever. We laughed together, we joked around. I even shed a few tears! I got to know Michael Phelps besides his public image of being the best Olympian and swimmer in the world. But the best of all, I became his friend.

The next thing that happened was that I fell asleep innocently in his arms.

I woke up and realized that I have been dreaming all along. Too bad that our encounter was just a dream...

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9TH GRADE MEMORIES. [<3] [25 Aug 2008|04:03pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I am recalling my freshman year. Sept. 2006 - June 2007

-downtown almost EVERYDAY with Surasit!
-going to Susan's house afterschool during Fall!
-Queens Center Mall with Darren
-Julian&Zhi's birthday at the subway
-foodfight with Zhi during 5th period
-global class with Mr. Liu and friends! (Rondavid, Sergio, Christine, Jake, Max, Vikki...)
-dancing with Christine to Jake&Max's music during global!
-getting Darren in my pants (him wearing my pants...LOL) & UDC!!!!!!!!!!!
-BIO LAB with Elaine, Mariel...and being late all the time
-first relationship, being in Fresh Meadows/Bayside
-having MOHAMED as my therapist!
-almost falling off the subway tracks and being saved by Julian! (aka my ninja!)
-thinking gym was freaking fun (2nd period)
-HALLOWEEN 2006 with Geo, Jose, Darren
-LOCKERS...Matthew, Ben, Julian, Venece. End of story.
-SING with Sergio!
-sneaking in Gagnon bus for Tiffany/Ben...and seeing Selman, Victor, Devindra, Stavros, Philip, Maria, etc...
-whispering sweet nothings to OISHI
-I LOVE BS, "glowness", different tones/levels of laughter according to Brian Park
-being loud with Naomi 3rd period in Ms. Lombardi's class, Figueras spring term!
-chillen A LOT with Surasit AND at his house AND in random foodplaces
-15TH BIRTHDAY with MINI PARTY with GUMMIES with ELAINE during 1st period!, Julian giving me shoes, eating out with Nelson/Darren/Rondavid, & socializing at Starbucks! & camera from Nelson
-Wei Wei Wei helping me with problems! (dumplings therapy)
-My Valentine: OISHI<3
-JESSICA'S PARTY: Edward Scissorhands & bowlingg
-ZHI, TAIJU, and riceballs! (chasing!)
-SERENDIPITY & FAO SCHWARZ with Jessica, Julian, Darren, Rondavid, Jevon!
-STEAL AWAY, CAROL OF THE BELLS, HAVA NAGILA, BOOK OF LOVE (6th period singing & Mr. Morgan!)
-random phonecalls with Julian and the voicemail he made me!
-Joey Fong and playing the guitar!
-Tiffany and boy problems
-SECRETLY eating at bio with Elaine & tons of note passing!!!
-D TRAIN CREW with Julian, Tahmim, Newaz, Amir, Mohamed, etc
-watching people crack jokes during english!
-throwing up 4 times consecutively and on Darren's shoe...
-constantly being saved by Darren and Julian when i get sick
-Good Friday at the American Museum of Natural History with Sergio, Jessica, Vikki, Julian
-laughing/singing in math with Oishi, Tiffany, Tahmim, Matt, Anthony, Elton, Arnold
-POWERRANGERS! 012307 (Jessica, me, Brian, Darren, Julian) ++ TOTOs/FLUSHING
-longass AIM conversations ...especially with Rondavid&Darren!
-hallway adventures with Darren and Jessica about Nintendo DS
-going to the boys' bathroom with Julian and GETTING CAUGHT
-Mohamed teaching me Arabic!
-SPRING MUSICAL 07: The Pajama Game
-basking under the sun - & May 2007 in general
-annoying rainy day with Julian, Tahmim, Vikki
-lunch with Jessica Nolasco, Brian Hong, Sora, Hector, and everyone!!!
-cafeteria with Matt, Brian Tam, and Jor Ming
-last week of May!
-ORANGE DAY with Julian&Rondavid
-chillen at my house +FOUNTAIN! at Washington Square Park with Rondavid, Julian, Jevon, Darren
-last month of school (June 2007) and Central Park!

I want to relive all those moments...

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straight from the cellphone [20 Aug 2008|06:52pm]
[ mood | blank ]

just testing to see if i can post from my phone browser!

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Easter! [23 Mar 2008|11:48pm]
[ mood | blah ]

It's been a long time! And it's Easter, the start of new life. The symbol of Spring. The symbol of a new beginning. I find it funny how Easter is in March. It's usually around April. Last time, it was around April 16, Ate Marylyn's birthday.

A lot of things have been happening. This weekend, the family went to an Easter Vigil in Livingston, New Jersey with our relatives Auntie Cir and Auntie Rose. I've never actually been in one before. It was interesting since we had to stay outside to light a bonfire and to renew our vows. We were given bells and candles to share the Light, which represents God. The candle sort of reminded me of blackouts in Philippines for some reason.

I'm sixteen. Hard to believe, huh? I still remember the days when I lived in Philippines. I miss my relatives, especially Auntie Jean, who was my second mom back then.

My mind is at the state of unrest. All my thoughts are jumbled, and I can't focus. Sometimes I wish my mind is one-tracked. But oh well, I have to deal with this. I remember during 5th-7th grade, I had an active journal/blog. I need to get back to it to further help me express my thoughts. I need to be inspired, to feel creativity in my veins once more. I need to re-experience all of that - Dance, Draw, Write...

I want to hone my abilities, yet I want to have fun. I want to have time for myself. Starting this Spring, I will try to reach my full potential, have fun, do my best, and be myself.

I promise you that.

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Back! [08 Nov 2007|08:54pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Wow I haven't posted in a long time! Well just so you know, I ended up hanging out with Susan, Maritza, and Julian to go to the Mets game on August 9. Then around the third week of August (or last? I forgot, it's been awhile) Surasit, Julian, David, Kendrick, and I chilled at Canal Street Tennis Courts by Hudson River Park. Summer was great and interesting things happened. I'll never forget it (:

Pictures have been uploaded in my facebook account. (click)

So sophomore year was hard to get used to at first. I hated my schedule in the beginning, so I dropped my lunch period and added ensemble. It worked out pretty well. October was crazy, and I got my first marking period grades. I have to work in improving my English grades since it's my most challenging class.

I'm also Vice President of the Filipino Club! Hooray (: And I'm still in UDC. Plus, I got in VARSITY GYMNASTICS TEAM! My number is 11 :]. Check my team's profile here.

Halloween was great. I was a Fallen Angel. Julian was Neo from the Matrix. Jessica was Little Red Riding Hood. Rondavid was R2D2 (ghetto makeshift version!) and Darren was emoboy. We all went trick-or-treating in Ditmars & Steinway, Astoria. It was pretty interesting.

Gymnastics practice is everyday afterschool. It's fun but pretty tiring. I get so sore from falling on my back ALL THE TIME!!! I really need to practice my back-kickovers and backhandstand things...And I need to get my grace back.

My love life is okay. It's been having its ups and downs. Other than that, life is great. <3

Hopefully I can write daily about daily events instead of a general overview of the past weeks and months. Till next time!

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4 AM [05 Aug 2007|11:37pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

So it was my mom's birthday. August 4. Saturday.

We went to Jersey to meet my dad's aunts who I haven't seen since 7 years or so. We toured them here in the city. I guess it was fun, but we came home 4 AM. Well, I woke up around 10 something. Julian never called as he said he would. Whatever.

It's so hot these days. I've taken countless naps just to relieve headaches and nosebleed-like feelings. Stupid airconditioner stopped working.

I finished The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Interesting anime, that is. I need something new to watch. Whether it's Korean Drama or whatever.

Thursday, August 9, I'm definitely going to the Mets game with Susan and Maritza. Apparently Maritza's bringing in her sister and her sister's boyfriend. Susan invited Gloria and her two sisters. And I invited Julian. That would be a total of 9 people. Big crowd, I guess. But the more the merrier, right? Well Susan felt bad for Gloria, and besides, we all haven't seen each other in a long time.

For some reason, I can't wait till school starts again. Sophomore year will be hella awesome. But first, I gotta do some stuff and not waste this month of August.

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*sniff* [03 Aug 2007|08:04pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I just finished watching Samurai Champloo. Such a classic ending. Now it's one of my favorite anime shows.

Oh, and I haven't talked to anyone besides Susan and Maritza lately. Hopefully us 3 can go to next Thursday's Mets game (against Braves).

I've been feeling overwhelmed lately, I don't know why. I just don't know what hit me. I miss the powerrangers crew. And of course, talking to Julian, but I don't want to bother him. =/

This song's stuck in my head.

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Gahh, Tuesdays suck! [31 Jul 2007|03:36pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Nothing interesting going on these days. Thankfully, instead of waking up afternoon, I managed to wake up before noon - around 11:30 something. That's an improvement, considering I slept around 2-3 AM. Last night I was watching an episode of Samurai Champloo and a couple of Kare Kano episodes. Today, I started watching DN Angel due to the fact Leona (my younger godsister) recommended it to me. It's good so far. I watched 7 episodes.

Other than anime, I've been slacking off from what I'm supposed to do.

-make my mom's birthday gift/other people's birthday gift
-finish the books I haven't finished
-fix my room
-study for exams in October
-prepare for upcoming Sophomore year
-continue working out

Yeah, these things are on my mind. And ohhh man I need to practice writing/reading/speaking Japanese. I think I'm getting rusty!

Other than those things that I keep telling myself to do, this upcoming Saturday is my mom's birthday. Plus, relatives from Canada are coming over, and I think Ate Marylyn from Jersey. Friday is hangout day or shopping day with mom. Thursday is...well perhaps I'll work on the gift that day, and Wednesday (tomorrow) I'll probably fix the room and go to library and stuff like that.

Next week, Susan and I are planning to go to the METS GAME (Thursday)!!! I hope I can go. I asked my mom, but she said I have to ask my dad, so I'll discuss it later at dinner. Unfortunately, Melissa cannot come that day because she has to go to Rhode Island, and Maritza has Summer School.

The other days, I want to hang out with either Surasit, Rondave, Darren, Sergio, or Julian. But so far I've only been keeping in contact with Darren and Sergio. Sergio always has work, and Darren's lucky to live in Queens and be so near to places. Julian's always been busy with his old school friends, tennis, martial arts, stuff like that. Rondave, I have no idea, and Surasit's camp finishes this week.

Hopefully after this week, everything will work out, I can hang out, and I can finish off all the things I plan to do. Oh and I need a regular sleeping schedule. Better yet, a regular daily schedule so I can make the most of myself and do the things I plan to do.

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Horoscope [30 Jul 2007|03:35pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Back in New York!

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Beepbop don't stop [30 Jul 2007|03:29am]
[ mood | okay ]

Even if I woke up at 5 PM, I saw Forrest Gump on TBS, other shows, 2 hour phone call with Darren, and yeah. But it rained so hard so I couldn't use the trampoline. Maybe next time. Next month, hopefully.

Now it's 3:30 something AM, I'm still awake! Parents are both drunk so I'm still at Jersey. I saw cousin Marylyn and she's gorgeous as ever and still living in the house. Cousin Jecelyn is living with her boyfriend. Cousin Joshua is still here and as funny as ever. Thirty minutes ago him, my brother, and I were laughing about stupid jokes!

What happens when you throw a green rock at the Red Sea?

(It gets wet!)

and a buncha other stupid stuff which we laughed our asses off for some reason :D.

I didn't get to ride the slingshot thingie, but we took some pics in Atlantic City (will upload soon). Maybe next time with Kuya Josh. I went to the smoothie shop at Sea Isle and bought a Strawberry Cream smoothie all for myself.

My headphones broke. I need new ones, and I need new to put new songs. Oh and I HAVE to read&buy Fatal Charm by Linda Joy Singleton.

Ate Marylyn might visit New York this Saturday! Yay, I get to chill with her. It's my mom's birthday on Saturday too so I gotta make a gift and buy something this week.

I need to chill with Susie, Maritza, Melissa // Surasit // Darren // and most definitely Julian. <3

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O_o [29 Jul 2007|05:12pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I woke up at 5 PM. 14 hours of sleep. -.-'

Tita Lian added me on facebook! <3

Man, I wasted my day. Still in cousin's house at Jersey. I wanna play in the trampoline even if it's wet.

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Hello again! [28 Jul 2007|08:48am]
[ mood | relieved ]

Yay! First official post since 3 years o.o. Anyway, just woke up and packing for a roadtrip to Atlantic City & Sea Isle! I miss the Sea Isle beach and smoothie/milkshake/icecream shop :D. In Atlantic City, I want to ride that slingshot thingy (they take a video of you). Hope this weekend will turn out to be a blast! Picture time :9.

Besides that, I've been sleeping irregularly. Two days ago I pulled some sorta all niter and started talking to bigbro Darren until 5:30 AM, but I couldn't sleep till it was 6:30 AM. I ended up waking up at 3 PM and wasting my day, except perhaps doing food shopping at Pathmark, pack, edit this page (the background, icon, title), eat, and read. Last night I couldn't sleep due to the fact someone prank called me about something so not funny, and I'm not that gullible anymore to believe it. So I told Julian and he reassured me. I'm finally starting to trust him even more. We ended up talking on the phone until 3 AM. Yeah, I lost track of time.

I gotta start sleeping normally. And other notes to self: study for that SAT II test in October, read read read, fix room, make mom, Beryll, Nelson, Jevon, Susan birthday cards and stuff, and save up money for Julian's birthday.

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Ohh man [27 Jul 2007|06:05am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

3 years later, I'm still here.

Time for an upcoming makeover (:

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Chat with friend...boredom pasting [20 Jan 2004|10:21pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Anyway I just felt like putting this...

NYCGossipGirl92 (7:16:40 PM): hi
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:16:46 PM): wats up?
Reika no Heizen (7:16:52 PM): lol doing extra credit
Reika no Heizen (7:16:53 PM): i hate it
Reika no Heizen (7:16:56 PM): why did i accept it?
Reika no Heizen (7:16:57 PM): lol
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:17:27 PM): for real why did u accepted it?
Reika no Heizen (7:17:40 PM): dunno
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:17:45 PM): lol
Reika no Heizen (7:17:47 PM): i felt like being trustwortyh
Reika no Heizen (7:17:53 PM): trustworthy*
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:18:04 PM): oh
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:18:12 PM): so wat do u have to do?
Reika no Heizen (7:18:33 PM): compare/contrast chart
Reika no Heizen (7:18:39 PM): of farm and city life in ancient egypt
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:18:49 PM): oh
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:18:55 PM): =-O
Reika no Heizen (7:18:58 PM): yeah
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:19:32 PM): instead of doin comparing and contrasting wat else r u doin?
Reika no Heizen (7:19:37 PM): thats it
Reika no Heizen (7:19:38 PM): heh
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:19:47 PM): oh
Reika no Heizen (7:19:53 PM): yea
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:20:05 PM): r u alomst done or just beginning?
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:20:17 PM): almost*
Reika no Heizen (7:20:31 PM): beginning
Reika no Heizen (7:20:32 PM): lmao
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:20:55 PM): so u have a lot of work to do i feel sorry for u
Reika no Heizen (7:21:10 PM): x_x
Reika no Heizen (7:21:11 PM): im dead
Reika no Heizen (7:21:14 PM): dead meat
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:21:25 PM): lol
Reika no Heizen (7:21:30 PM): not funny!
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:21:50 PM): okay {hehehheeh}
Reika no Heizen (7:22:01 PM): lol okay. now your making me laugh
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:22:59 PM): okay w/e ;-)
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:23:14 PM): r u talkin to anyone else?
Reika no Heizen (7:23:18 PM): nope
Reika no Heizen (7:23:23 PM): heh
Reika no Heizen (7:23:26 PM): what about you?
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:24:33 PM): no onl u and im making some stupid dollz for fun or i mean pain
Reika no Heizen (7:24:40 PM): lol
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:24:42 PM): lol
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:24:48 PM): :-D
Reika no Heizen (7:24:52 PM): oh well
Reika no Heizen (7:24:54 PM): im tormented
Reika no Heizen (7:24:55 PM): HELP!
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:25:09 PM): lmfao
Reika no Heizen (7:25:24 PM): *homework stabs my back*
Reika no Heizen (7:25:29 PM): X_X <-- me
Reika no Heizen (7:26:33 PM): EVIL HOMEWORK! (lol stop making it worse)
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:27:19 PM): okay okay {just one more hahahahhahaha} okay im bak
Reika no Heizen (7:27:36 PM): k lol ehe
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:28:25 PM): man y does the teacher give hard xtra credit to do if it was more easier i would had volunteered
Reika no Heizen (7:28:34 PM): oh well
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:28:51 PM): yup
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:28:57 PM): so....................?
Reika no Heizen (7:29:01 PM): uhm
Reika no Heizen (7:29:07 PM): which do you like better
Reika no Heizen (7:29:09 PM): foxes or kitties
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:29:20 PM): kitties y?
Reika no Heizen (7:29:41 PM): just changing my mini-icon in my desktop
Reika no Heizen (7:29:42 PM): lol
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:30:00 PM): oh
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:30:04 PM): kewl
Reika no Heizen (7:30:10 PM): ^_^
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:30:26 PM): brb k
Reika no Heizen (7:30:35 PM): okay
Session concluded at 7:31:28 PM
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:41:36 PM): bak sry dat i tooked long
Reika no Heizen (7:41:40 PM): not really
Reika no Heizen (7:41:40 PM): lol
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:42:47 PM): okay so.......>>>>>>>>>
Reika no Heizen (7:42:52 PM): uhm
Reika no Heizen (7:43:00 PM): hold on for a sec
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:43:19 PM): okay
Reika no Heizen (7:45:19 PM): back
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:45:53 PM): I AM U?
Reika no Heizen (7:46:10 PM): nopw
Reika no Heizen (7:46:12 PM): nope
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:46:55 PM): OH Y U DONT LIKE IT?
Reika no Heizen (7:47:05 PM): no i have this stupid extra credit to do
Session concluded at 7:47:23 PM
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:48:05 PM): OH TOO BAD
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:48:07 PM): =-O
Reika no Heizen (7:48:09 PM): yah too bad for me
Reika no Heizen (7:48:11 PM): X_x
Reika no Heizen (7:49:41 PM): i wont
Reika no Heizen (7:49:43 PM): okay
Reika no Heizen (7:49:43 PM): bye
NYCGossipGirl92 (7:49:54 PM): LOL BYE
NYCGossipGirl92 signed off at 7:50:19 PM.
Session concluded at 7:50:33 PM

Erm, well...a sign of my procrastination and laziness...eheh X_X. Till next time.

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First Entry [20 Jan 2004|07:09pm]
[ mood | intimidated ]


My name's Dannah Rae.

that's it for now...

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